In 1976 I was a junior in high school and came up with this comic strip idea. Wimpy is based on a dog I had when I was a kid. I did a few strips and went to the local newspaper to see if they were interested in using them. They were so I got started. 
  A dozen or so were published and my interests moved more to girls so the strip died. Well it’s 34 years later now and I decided to give it a shot again…. and yes… I’m still interested in girls…. well just the one I have been married to since 1984. We have three wonderful kids, 2 daughters and 1 son! Many of my ideas come from things they did while growing up and things I did as a kid.
  I hope you enjoy my comics and check back often for new ones. I would like to add a new one daily but that won’t always happen since I work full time at my sign company. Please comment on the ones you like…. your thoughts will let me know that they are being enjoyed by others.